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Dr David


Voice Actor / Medical Doctor

Vocal Style

Neutral, RP

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Demo Reels


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TV Continuity

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Radio Imaging

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Mindfulness & Meditation

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Work Portfolio

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BFBS MESSAGING PROMO Peregrine Trophy Photography CompetitionBFBS
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Guided Meditation &
Mindfulness Podcast


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About David

David is a London based British voiceover artist born and raised in the UK.

He possesses a naturally deep resonant vocal tone, immediately engaging, inviting and reassuring.

Described by friends, family, professional colleagues and patients as “calm”, “reassuring”, “intelligent” and “trustworthy”, these qualities are manifest in his voiceovers, which help brands and businesses across the world connect with their audience.


David has a medical background having trained in London, and practises as a GP and Urgent Care Practitioner.

As a keen chorister, he has also sung in classical and gospel choirs since his early teens from which he's developed an acute appreciation of vocal tempo, texture, volume, intonation, saturation and control, all equally pertinent to the voiceover industry.

David continues to nourish this passion as a currently active member of a

London Gospel choir.

Having spent some time in Africa, The Middle East and Europe, David’s

exposure to different cultures and good command of several languages

allows him to easily forge and nurture connections across the globe. 

David’s diverse background and life experiences bring an

intriguing dimension to the voiceover industry, and with

dedication, professionalism and a sprinkle of good humour

along the way he will deliver your requirements to full


David works from his home studio in London ensuring a

prompt turnaround time.

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Professional quality audio, delivered promptly according to specified requirements

Sontronics  STC-3X Microphone

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pros

Pro Tools

Home Walk-In Isolation Booth 

   -full coverage NRC 1 acoustic tiles

Audient ID4 Audio Interface

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Lenovo Idea Pad 500




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"We've had some great feedback from NHS England on your voiceover."

"Dr Jonathan Van-Tam (Deputy Chief Medical Officer , MBE) and team were very happy with your vaccine animation voiceover"

Tinker Taylor Production Company

"I just wanted to say thank you once again for the amazing piece of work on the Christmas Advert "

"I have to commend your professionalism in how you took the time to understand the vision of the brand"

"Needless to say, your voice was smooth, suave and I can only summarise it as golden."

Founder - The Squared Up Clip

Heading 2

" You have a good warm tone to your voice. I liked it"

"You have a great sounding recording space, your

 booth is nicely treated"

The Showreel, London
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British Forces Broadcasting Service


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